If you send email to yourself and open in the same browser, it won't be tracked. This is to prevent self-opens (also called false-opens). That is - you opening your own emails sent to other recipients. To understand why this feature is important, conside the following 2 cases.

  1. You send an email to a recipient, went to “Sent Mail” folder on Gmail and clicked on the mail to check for the content. Because of this feature, this won’t result in a false-open.
  2. You sent an email, got a reply from the recipient and opened it in your inbox. In the absence of this feature, opening the reply would result in a false-open.

    To keep your tracking data accurate, we have put this feature in place.

What to do if I want to test tracking functionality myself?
To test tracking functionality yourself, you can send an email to any of your email Ids. But instead of opening in your browser (Chrome in this case), open it with any other browser (such as Edge, Firefox, Safari or Mobile Email Clients). Now you can test tracking functionality of MailerPlex.