MailerPlex is a simple gmail extension to track whether your recipients are opening the emails that you send them. It tracks when they open their email, how many times, from which devices and locations (if available).

Why tracking is useful?
Here are many ways email tracking can be very important and maybe essential.

If you are doing sales, you already send prospects a lot of emails. You want to know whether they are opening your emails. If they are opening, that means they are interested. If they are clicking on any link, that indicated a higher level of interest.
If you are into recruitment, you send emails to prospective candidates. You can see the interest level of candidates based on their open activity.
If you are a candidate searching for job, you want to know how the recruiters are engaging with your email content.

These are a few sample cases. In general, email tracking has utility for professionals across various fields.
Try our simple email tracking at MailerPlex MailTrack for Gmail

How to use use MailerPlex to Track Email Opens and Clicks

  1. Get MailerPlex extension from Chrome Store.
  2. Sign up using the email Id that you want to use for tracking.
  3. Go to Gmail and start tracking your email.

Get MailerPlex MailTrack Extension