Let’s say you are using Gmail to send out professional or personal emails.

Before your email is sent, an email tracking tool such as MailerPlex inserts a very small invisible image (called a pixel) at the end of your mail. This image is not visible to your recipient. So they don’t know whether the email is being tracked.

When your recipient opens the email, the images that are part of email gets downloaded. The tracking pixel that has been inserted by the tracking tool gets downloaded as well. Every tracking pixel has unique tracking information associated with them. So when the pixel gets downloaded, the details are captured. That’s how the tracking software gets to know the email open activity.

Does tracking work in every case
Email tracking works with most of the modern email clients including Gmail, Apple mail etc. But there are some email clients (say some versions of outlook), which don’t download the image by default. And in some cases, the recipient could have disabled automated image download from settings. As tracking depends on the pixel being downloaded, in these cases, email can’t be tracked by any tracking software.

But the majority of modern email clients load images by default to give their users a good experience. So generally email tracking should work for most of your recipients.

How to use use MailerPlex to Track Email Opens and Clicks

  1. Get MailerPlex extension from Chrome Store.
  2. Sign up using the email Id that you want to use for tracking.
  3. Go to Gmail and start tracking your email.

Get MailerPlex MailTrack Extension